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Going to need a new water heater this year? Better buy it NOW. Here’s why…

Everything is changing in April in Texas and some other states regarding water heaters. All water heaters produced after April 16, 2015 will be required to meet new hi-efficiency standards which is going to cause the cost of the water heater to increase and will cause installation problems in many existing homes.

The higher capacity your unit, the more changes you will see. After the existing inventory of “out of compliance” water heaters sells out, then you will only be able to buy the new hi-efficiency water heaters. You can purchase one of the old style waters heaters now and store it until you install it. As most of the water heaters are in attics in newer homes, and since some of those water heaters fit tightly to begin with, the new water heaters could have some issues fitting not only in the space in the attic but also through the pull-down attic doors. Water heaters installed in closets will be especially challenging.hot water heater

Also, your new gas water heater could require electricity, which most current gas water heaters do not. Obviously, that means running a new power line to the water heater. Your new water heater could also make noise which means you might be able to hear it in your home. What I really thought was interesting when I read the article is that the new hi-efficiency water heaters may not be able to deliver hot water at the same rate as the older water heater, therefore requiring a larger water heater to do the same job your old one does.

I hope that when applying the new standards to millions of users, it saves some energy somewhere, because the retrofitting of tens of millions of homes will use time, money and energy as well. Thanks for reading. Until next month…

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