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Multiple Offers on Katy, TX Homes for Sale

By Dale Ross

In this currently low inventory real estate market, you can expect Katy, TX homes for sale to receive multiple offers, if properly priced. Multiple offers are great and can often drive the price of the home above your original asking price. Negotiating multiple offers is a learned skill, requiring advanced education and experience in order to maximize the situation for you, the seller.

For instance, you might think that telling all bidders that you have more than one offer is the thing to do. This is not necessarily so. Your agent must have the experience to understand the negotiating position and style of the bidders involved to keep them in the game until the highest price is reached.

My 33 years of experience and specialized education have taught me how to successfully negotiate multiple offers so that my clients realize the highest possible sales price, every time. If you would like to realize the highest possible sales price for your home, contact me at 281-599-6575. Allow me to introduce you to my extraordinary marketing program that has made me one of the top 20 real estate agents in the Houston area.

All agents cost about the same, but my personal money-saving program usually means you end up paying much less when you hire me to sell your home. Request your free market analysis today, and start the home selling process off right.

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